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To The Departed International Friend
    发布时间:2020-04-17    阅读次数:1808

Recently, Angel from our company’s department of international trade, received an email from a client from Kazakhstan. The translation of the email is as follows:


Dear Angel,


There are tears in my eyes when I write to you.

Our boss, Mr. ZY * * GA * *, passed away on Friday night.

He died in the hospital where he was treated by Covid-19.


He personally helped doctors in Almaty with some medicines and disposable masks on behalf of our company, but he was unable to overcome his own illness.

We will always remember him with love and respect. Here, I would like to thank him not only for the value he made contributed to our company, but also for the unforgettable traces he has left in our life.


Best regards,

The virus doesn't have nationality, and the epidemic doesn't have race, either.


The global epidemic has taken too many innocent lives. People in Sunhere are very sad to learn that the general manager of ZY * * GA * * passed away! While praying for the rest of international friends, we also deeply understand that the earth is the common home of mankind and that mankind is a community of shared destiny.


In the process of fighting with the global public health crisis, Sunhere Pharmaceutical Excipients Co., Ltd. takes the mission of medical personnel. On the journey of innovation and cooperation, we cherish the friendship of every clients, and try our best to ensure the safety of the supply chain system, and overcome the difficulties. We are willing to work together with all customers to fight together, and finally win the victory of the war "Anti-Epidemic"! May the world be free of epidemics and diseases as soon as possible! Praying for peace and tranquility in the world!

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